ZigZag Sub

ZigZag Sub
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Product Code: ZZS-711
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With the successful launch of the ZigZag Swimming decoys few years ago, the ZigZag Swimming decoys have become one of our best selling products. However, there are many customers have also shown interested in using our ZigZag motor for other species of ducks.

The ZigZag Sub provides two different ways of installing to a floating decoy:

1. Slide-n-lock – for decoys with a removable sand keel, the ZigZag motor can fit in the same slot underneath the decoy. Decoys from some of the Avery’s GHG duck decoys and Bass Pro’s Red Heads decoy series that have the removable keel system.

2. Clip-on – the universal claw-style clip (included in the package), you can quickly attach the unit under a regular decoy with the sand keel.

The ZigZag Sub allows you to convert your decoy into a natural swimmer. It stops, goes straight, goes left and right at random. ZigZag Sub makes your decoy move about in water which entices other ducks to come in.

Zigzagging without a defined pattern, that is how a duck moves about in water. ZigZag Sub is driven by 2 powerful propellers with integrated weed guard. An electronic circuit controls both motors to make the decoy swim naturally in your spread. No need to spend time operating a remote control, the decoy will do all the work for you; it will stop and go, twist and turn all by itself.

The ZigZag Sub is fully automatic; there is no remote control to operate so you can concentrate on your hunting and making calls (duck call!).

Package includes:

• ZigZag Sub propeller unit
• Sand Keel mounting clip
• Fishing Swivel

Uses 2 "C" size batteries (not included)

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