Explorer Go-Live

Explorer Go-Live
Brand: OpenZone
Product Code: GLV-350
Availability: In Stock
Price: $17.95

The Explorer Go-Live is a powerful propeller that allows you to convert your floatation decoys to a swimmer. The swimming decoys provide a calm and non-dangerous feeling for wary birds flying above. This life like setting will attract more birds to land within a few feet from the spread.

The Explorer Go-Live is our new introduction to the Explorer series. The main features of this swimming motor are:

• The slim body torpedo style
• A 3000 rpm motor
• Integrated weed-guard
• Easy to install clip
• Uses 1 "C" size battery (last longer than a "AA")

The claw-style clip let you clip it under various type of duck or goose decoys. It is strong enough to push a life-size to oversize decoy.

Explorer Go-Live is an easy and inexpensive way to add motion to your decoy spread. Uses 1 "C" size battery (not included).

Note: Duck is not included.

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