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In this page, you can find add-on accessories for duck and goose decoys. You can order replacement parts for our lines of decoys. For examples: replacement wings for duck and goose decoys, rechargeable batteries, chargers, wireless remote controls, extension poles, duck feet, goose feet, etc.

We store every replacement parts for all our mechanical decoys, please call our Customer Service Department (toll free # 877-787-2558), if you did not see a specific part that you want in here.

For universal decoy propellers or torpedos, please click on "Decoy Propellers".




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12V 1.3A Lead Acid Battery
12 Volt 1.3A sealed Lead-Acid rechargeable battery for mechanical ducks (Flapp'n Ducks & Land'n Duck.. $14.95
12V 2200mA NiCad Rechargeable Battery
Replacement battery for Flapp'n Goose Decoy. 12 Volt 1500mA NiCad Rechargeable Battery. .. $29.95
12V AC/DC Battery Charger (Ducks)
Battery charger for Flapp'n Ducks and Landin' Ducks. To charge the battery of your duck decoys, si.. $9.95
12V AC/DC Battery Charger (Geese)
This is the charger for your Flapp'n Goose Decoys. To Charge your goose decoy, locate the power so.. $10.95
12V AC/DC Battery Charger w/ Clips (Ducks)
This is the battery charger for Flapp'n Duck and Landin' Duck. The charger has alligator clips that .. $9.95
12V Remote Control A23 Battery (2-Pack)
Replacement battery for your key chain style wireless remote control. This is a "A23" 12V battery. .. $1.95
Explorer Blind Bag (Mossy Oak Camo.)
Explorer Mossy Oak Blind Bag with plenty of side pockets on the outside. Double-zipper opening at th.. $49.95
Flapp'n Goose Wings - Canada/Specklebelly
Replacement wings for Canada and Specklebelly Flapp'n Goose. The wings are photographic silk-screen .. $19.95
Flapp'n Goose Wings - Snow
Replacement wings for Snow Flapp'n Goose. The wings are photographic silk-screen printing of a real .. $19.95
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