11111 Flapping Wings

Flapping Wings

Flapping Wings

We are specialized in motion duck decoys and goose decoys. Our flapping wings decoys are some of the most popular motion decoys that hunters use in their spread. The movement of the wings are more natural and realist looking than the spinning wings.

You can select a decoy with wireless remote control, decoy with 3-Mode Circuit & Switch, or decoy with just On/Off switch. These duck decoys and goose decoys come fully packaged with rechargeable battery, battery charger, decoy stand, and carrying bag.

Duck decoys:
• Flapp'n Duck (Mallard)
• Landin' Duck (Mallard Drake)
• Landin' Duck (Mallard Hen)

Goose Decoys:
• Flapp'n Goose (Canada)
• Flapp'n Goose (Snow)
• Flapp'n Goose (Specklebelly)
• Flapp'n Goose (Pink-feet)





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