About Us

** NOTE : ozdecoys.com is now the official site for OpenZone which replaces the previous openzone2000.com; we produce and distribute duck and goose decoys for the waterfowl industry, and motion decoys is our specialties. **

OpenZone was founded in the year 2000 by two hunting enthusiasts who wanted to develop a duck decoy with flapping wing, which they thought the flapping wing motion is more natural and realistic looking than the spinning wings in the market. The decoy took about two years to develop and was introduced to the market as Flapp'n Duck. Mack's Prairie Wing and Academy Sporting Goods was among the first retailer the carried flapping wing product. 

As the flapping wing decoys became more and more popular, the company added the Landin' Duck & Flapp'n Goose with wireless remote control to the flapping wing decoy category. The guys continued to design and developed more motion decoys and devices that adapted to existing floaters; decoys such as: the swimming ducks & the zigzag swimmers, and devices like: the Explorers & the ZigZag Subs which allow users to mount these propellers to their own floating duck decoys for added motion. 

Through the years of providing some successful products to the hunting industry, the company established its own factory in China; specialized in producing duck decoys, goose decoys, turkeys, to name just a few. The factory has also built good relationship with factories in other industries. Our factory work closely with prototype shops, machine shops, injection mold tooling factories, blow mold tooling factories, ISO certified electronic companies, and suppliers of other accessories. These connections allow us to develop and manufacture products at lower cost, on schedule and most importantly - quality.

other oem productsWe have managed and manufactured products for other companies since 2005. The pictures show some of the decoys we produced for our clients at the facility, we provide a complete manufacturing service of blow-molding, painting, packaging and shipping. One of our goals is to take advantage of our reliable connections and experience in manufacturing, produce quality products for other companies.