Frequently Asked Questions

Explorer Keel
→ Will the Explorer Keel (DKL-191) fits under the Avery™ Green Head Gear (GHG) duck decoy?

The Explorer Keel will fit under the GHG duck decoys with the removable keel system. Removing the sand keel first, then slide the propeller keel in the same slot until it reaches the end of the slot.

→ How to install a Explorer Keel under an Importor duck decoy or other decoys with the removable keel system?

Step 1 Prepare a cup of diluted liquid soap
Step 2 Apply the soap on the rail of the decoy or at the top of the keel
Step 3 Slide the keel underneath the rail of the decoy until it reaches the end
Leave the keel on the decoy even when its not in use.

Explorer II
→ How long would a "D" size battery last for the Explorer II (EX200-2)?

A brand new "D" size alkaline battery should last for at least 4.5 hours, but at extreme cold water condition, the battery voltage could drop which will affect performance of the unit.

→ How can I make my propeller spins faster?

To keep the motor in smooth running condition, lubricate the rubber seal by putting a drip of oil down the motor shaft from the outside capsule, turn the motor on for a few second to make sure the oil went in, wipe off any excess oil on the outside.

→ How can I use my swimming motors and keep my decoy line from twisting up?

Place a #1 size fishing swivel at each end of the decoy line and hook it to the front of the decoy keel, this will let your line spin and not twist up. David Smith (OpenZone Pro Staff)

Duck Decoy Wings
→ Is the Flapp'n Duck and Landin' Duck wings durable?

The decoy wings are made of high density EVA foam sheet. The wings are silk-screen printing with the images of the real duck wings. They are durable and the print will not scratch easily. The EVA wings give the most realistic flapping motion and they are removable from the decoys for easy transportation.

→ Do you have replacement parts for the mechanical decoys?

We have replacement parts for all of our mechanical duck decoys and goose decoys. Please call our Customer Service Department if you cannot find a particular item in our website.

→ What is the length for a set of decoy pole after putting them together?

The length of the snap-on pole is 40 inches after they are connected. You can also buy extra poles as extension when needed.

Mechanical Duck Decoy
→ Can I control more than one duck with a single remote?

Yes, the wireless remote control can turn more than one duck on/off if the decoys were set to the same ID code. Please refer to the owner`s manual for setting the ID of the receiver.

→ How long is the rechargeable battery last while the decoy is running?

When the lead-acid battery is fully charged, the battery will last for about 2 hours non-stop. However, if you are using the wireless remote control which allow you to turn the decoy on when you see ducks coming, the battery will last much longer.

→ How many years will the lead-acid rechargeable battery last?

Like car batteries, these lead-acid batteries have a life span of about 2 years. To ensure these batteries operate in top shape, you should not let the battery sit for more than 3 months without charging.